Fragstock Wisconsin Coral Frag Swap
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Fragstock Wisconsin's waiting list policy
Due to the increased popularity of our event we have adopted the following waiting list policy for vendor tables: 

1. In the event that all tables have sold out we start a "waiting list" of vendors who wish to be added to the list.
2. Vendors are added to the waiting list on a first come, first served basis.
3. Upon a table cancellation we will go to the first vendor in line on the waiting list notifying them via email that a table has become available.
4. After the #3's email has been sent from us the vendor will have 24 hours to reply if they want the table or not.
5. IF the vendor wants the table  and replies within the 24 hours we will send them a Paypal invoice to prepay for the table. The vendor then has 24 hours to pay the invoice we sent them.
6. If either of the conditions of step 4 or 5 are not met we will move onto the next vendor in line on our waiting list.
We appreciate your understanding of this policy