Fragstock Wisconsin Coral Frag Swap
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Door Prizes

2018 Door Prizes
Every adult who attends Fragstock Wisconsin will be given a ticket to our door prize giveaway. (one ticket per adult person)
Sorry, but we do not sell any additional tickets.
Drawings start at 2:30 p.m. and you must be present to win.
Check out the list below for just some of the great items that you could win.
This list will be updated right up to the day of the swap.
Info about our free door prize process:
Each adult who comes through the door will receive one free ticket to the door prize drawings. It is a two part ticket, one part says "Keep this Coupon" that is the half you keep. Each half has a number printed on it that match.
Each door prize item has its own ticket container with a label on it stating what the item is. The other half of the two part ticket goes into the container that corresponds to the item you want to enter.
At 2:30 p.m. we will start the drawings. First we will announce what the item is and who donated it. Then we will take the corresponding ticket container and draw a ticket. If your ticket number matches the ticket that was drawn you win that item.
You must be present to win, you must have the matching ticket and we do not sell any additional tickets
Free 1-year subscription to CORAL magazine. Donated by Coral Magazine
Bashsea Bio-Fuge Sump
Bashsea Media Reactors (Qty. 6)
Bashsea Bio Reactors (Qty. 2)
Aqua Euro 1110 gph Return Pump
Ecotech Marine MP10W QD Pump
Simplicity 540DC Protein Skimmer
Innovative Marine 20 gallon Peninsula Tank
Maxpect Razor 130 Watt LED Light
Tunze Osmolator ATO
Finnex 800 watt Heater and Digital Controller
Donated by Fragstock Wisconsin
One years supply of Limpits Reef Buffet
(12- 4 oz. flatpacks)
Donated by Limpits Reef Buffet
$25 in fun money to be used at the GBAS Fall Auction
Donated by Green Bay Aquarium Society
Polyp Labs Coral Lens Viewer
Donated by Frag Creation